Ristorante Italiano

Italiano is the family's first restaurant, this is where it all started. It is our first labour of love and we couldn't think of a better symbol than the heart to emphasize this.

In Italy, when friends and family have dinner, the food is served in four rounds, presented at the middle of the table for everyone to share. The different dishes are usually prepared using only a few quality ingredients and when combined together they add great variety and flavor. People usually call this a tasting menu, we simply call it dinner.

We are never in a hurry when we eat because, for us, this is the highlight of the day. It's where we catch up with each other and solve all the problems in the world.

So even if you are here for the first time, on a date or here in business, we will serve you as a family.

/ Marsel, Toto & Vincenzo

”Mangia bene, Ridi spesso, Ama molto

Chef Marco Baudone

Chef Marco has 30 years of experience in the industry and has worked both as a chef and as a restaurant owner. He has come a long way; trained by star chefs Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, Guy Savoy and Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. He has worked as sous chef at Operakällaren and several years with the F12 group during Melker's time where he was a partner at La Rouge.

Chef Marco describes the Italiano menu as Cibo Italiano. Which in its simplicity means well-cooked Italian food.

Marco Baudone

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Serving food